Things taken for granted suddenly become an inspiration

My view of things that other take for granted has always been different – I take time to become aware of the life events that surround me, drawing immense inspiration that helps me transfer these events on film as transparently as possible.

Photography a.k.a journey into the unknown

I adore travelling which, besides everyday events, is to me an endless source of inspiration. I find photography as a peculiar way of travelling into the unknown – the feeling is reinforced by the fact that I prefer to take photos with a classical camera that captures moments on film. The film possesses that certain charm that the digital age, where quantity has ousted quality, cannot match. I love taking my time to become aware of the entire happening, environment, and the area that the photograph will reflect before pushing the trigger. Film photography is all about the time one takes for a shot and the quality of individual photograph whereas modern tempo values quantity, endless amount of photographs that are supposed to be taken in the shortest time possible.

This is why I find photography as some sort of a journey into the unknown: one can never be sure what awaits at the end – will it be good or bad? The quality of the photograph cannot be determined until the very end and the waiting is exciting and unique in its own way. It brings out feelings long forgotten, perhaps even suppressed.

Pleasant company makes a good journey

The beginning of my career in photography was marked by people, but not just any people. I pointed my lens at people who are different, special, who are labelled as different by the society, and gave them a chance to tell their story through photographs. Now, a few years later, I still create stories about people but have also focused on me and used the camera to document my story: about pre-birth me. My projects are increasingly more connected to nature and am returning back to one of the biggest influence, the work of my parents.